246 Persons Baptized During Nature Speaks

  •   France Chambers, Communication Director
  •  Friday, August 27, 2021

The second major online evangelistic series of the year, organized by the West Jamaica Conference ended but the rejoicing continues.  To date, two hundred and forty-six (246) persons have been baptized as a result of the combined efforts of the pastoral districts across the territory.


The five-week series which was themed “Nature Speaks: Hope for Tomorrow”, ended on Sabbath, August 21, 2021.  Speaker Pastor Donovan Williams, skilfully highlighted themes from the natural environment to which spiritual principles related to salvation were applied. Pastor Williams, is grateful at the outcome of the series and explains how important nature is as a source of understanding God’s plan for humanity.


“Nature continues to be dynamic in its revelation of who God is and every day that we live to see, there is evidence all around us that tells us that there is a creator.”  


At various points during the series, the adjusted COVID-19 regulations posed significant challenges for the production of the programme. Team members were undaunted however, and the virtual campaign advanced to its fruitful outcome. According to Pastor Williams, “In spite of the challenges of COVID-19 protocols, we are glad for the 240 individuals who have given their lives to Jesus Christ.”


 Pastor Evrette Taylor, of the Granville District of Churches, in his response to the programme highlights the value of such a programme during the pandemic. A programme like Nature Speaks is always relevant and urgent,” he said. “People are looking for a better way and seeking hope and especially in this pandemic as a lot of persons have expressed a sense of hopelessness.”


 “No doubt there are many who do not have a desire for salvation,” Pastor Taylor continued “but with consistent prayer and extra effort, with the help of the Holy Spirit decisions are still possible,” he added.


A candidate, who learnt of the programme via Facebook, and was baptised on August 7, 2021 continues to celebrate his baptism.  He had encouraging words for others to make the all-important decision. “Draw close to God,” appealed the new convert from the Black River Church “because he is the one who gives us life today.”


YouTube viewer, Marcia Nembhard-Gordon used the chat to share her sentiments; “I just believe God is pleased with this Conference when it comes to Evangelism,” she declared “I just love the consistency.

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