Adventist Churches in Westmoreland Impact Community During Week of Kindness

  •   Shadeka Haye-Campbell
  •  Friday, November 19, 2021

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Westmoreland through the Community Services of various congregations expressed appreciation to workers within their respective communities during the week of October 20-27, 2021 in observance of the “Week of Kindness.”  Community Services Federation President for the parish, Mrs. Yvonne Sonlin expressed gratitude, given the importance of practical Christianity.  “I give God thanks for the support team and overall success; I pray that God will continue to guide us as we continue to touch lives through Christian service.”

The Grange Hill and Darliston Districts were in the lead as they served meals to the staff and patients at the Health Centres including Beeston Spring and New Works; Sister Alma Whitehead coordinated the Darliston team.  Coote Savannah District was next with lunches served to the staff and patients at the Baulk Health Center.  Spiritual nourishment through the devotional exercise was conducted by Elder Johns from the Bleauwearie Church.

Petersfield and Waterworks Districts were fully onboard and collaborated in serving soup to the staff and patients at the Petersfield Health Centre. Fifty care packages containing toiletries were also donated to the patients. This project was coordinated by Sister Iona Prenderghast. 

Leading the Little London impact was Brother Oral Rayson, Community Services Director at the Gospel Light Church. The team included the District Pastor Owen Grant along with other members. The recipients included workers at the Post Office, Police Station and Health Centre.

Mr. Rayson explained that the outreach initiative was a means of showing appreciation to workers in the community. 

“These people have been serving us for years. Now that they are working in adverse conditions, we thought it fit to come together and show them that we appreciate all that they do.

Pastor Grant, who conducted the devotional exercise, highlighted the importance of the church in the community.

“Following the example of Jesus we believe that the Church exists to serve the community in which we exist. Serving the community for us goes beyond just teaching and baptizing but extends to meeting human needs where possible and establishing meaningful relationships.”

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