ASI Jamaica Hosts Virtual Week-Long Celebration

  •   Mrs. Shadeka Haye-Campbell
  •  Tuesday, October 5, 2021

After a week-long celebration from June 13-19, 2021, the Adventist Laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI) Jamaica has left a profound impact on thousands of viewers. The programme, which was hosted under the theme: “Break Out of Your Walls”, featured three guest speakers: Pastor Glen O. Samuels, President of the West Jamaica Conference, Dr. Andrew Harewood, Deputy Chief of Chaplains for the United States (US) Army and Dr. Barry Black, US Senate Chaplain. The messages for the week focused on leadership and the purpose of our lives.

In his address, Dr. Andrew Harewood reminded the virtual audience that leadership after a breakout requires one to do something new, distinctive and valuable; an achievement possible only as one allows the Lord to lead him/her in the right direction.

“God’s plan for your life involves leadership so don't run ahead of God. Remain focused and the Devil’s platform becomes God's platform and at that point, you’ll have a place to perform God's plan and purpose for your life”, advised Dr. Harewood.

On day four of the event, Pastor Glen O. Samuels called attention to the true meaning of life and urged the attendees to discover the purpose for which God gave them life.

“The quality and depth of life is not measured by its duration but by its donation. I’d like to challenge you to understand that whether you are a businessman or a doctor, the reason for which God gave us life is to rendezvous with the issues of our times by allowing Him to work in and through us”.

The 62nd Chaplain of the United States Senate, Dr. Barry Black outlined that to truly “break out of your walls”, one will be required to take certain actions that may not be favoured in the eyes of others.

“Breaking out of your walls is all about challenging the status quo, risking being rebuked by others and getting out of your comfort zone and spreading the news about Jesus. If you are going to break out of your walls, you must be a blessing to others so the weak can become strong and the strong, stronger.”

President of the Jamaica Union Conference (JAMU), Pastor Everett Brown, also commended the leadership of ASI Jamaica for truly breaking out of their walls in a bid to carry out their mandate.

“This virtual programme is being conducted amidst the worldwide pandemic and I sense that your desire to share Christ in the marketplace has influenced you to use technology to do what God has called you to do”, he said.

The programme was aired live on the social media platforms for the Conferences comprising JAMU and featured a Business Leaders’ Summit as well as a showcase for ASI businesses. ASI is a membership-based organization of Seventh-day Adventist laypeople who are enthusiastic about actively participating in the church’s worldwide mission: to spread the gospel of Christ to the world. This unique and diverse group of members includes business owners and operators as well as individual professionals.

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