Seventh-day Adventist Church, Grace Hill, Organized - Challenged to Maintain the ‘Adventist Flavour’

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  •  Friday, June 24, 2022

On Sabbath, June 18, 2022, the Grace Hill Company, was officially organized as a member of the sisterhood of Seventh-day Adventist Churches within the West Jamaica Conference. The congregation, which started under a tree in the general area of the current edifice, became the 227th Church of the West Jamaica Conference.

Pastor Donovan Williams, who gave the main address, challenged the new church "to maintain and preserve the church customs and heritage. We must maintain the solid Adventist flavour in whatever we do."

He also warned the 130-member congregation about dissenting groups that threaten the theological integrity of the church.
"We must guard the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, there are groups going around…with strange teachings. They are so nicely wrapped. Guard the church against strange teachings and groups. Do not let strange wolves come in and destroy your flock."

Pastor Williams also reminded the church about its evangelistic mission.
"You cannot have a Seventh-day Adventist Church that does not share the mission of the church…I’d rather see you have this building as it is and bursting at the seams with members, than to have a fancy building yet empty; carry the mission," he emphasized.

Pastor Evrette Taylor, who currently provides ministerial oversight to the church and the Granville District by extension, was happy for the milestone achieved and believes that the church location is by divine providence.

"I am excited and elated, for the milestone," stated Taylor. "The same way God was with the Children of Israel for 40 years in the wilderness, He has been leading this congregation. He has strategically placed this church here to be a lighthouse in this dark place to carry the singular mission of the church in helping to rescue the perishing and to care for those who are dying," Pastor Taylor emphasized.

He expressed appreciation for the organizing formalities, which placed strong emphasis on keeping the mission of the Seventh-Adventist Church alive and greater commitment to its Fundamental Beliefs.

The local leadership spoke of its excitement at the achievement and the motivation to carry-on the mission of the church.

"The church is elated," said Elder Joel Calder. "They have been consumed with the idea to be alone. They just like to know that this milestone has been achieved. Now that it has happened, we are going home with a great joy and great expectation about what has happened and about the future. Because of the joy, it is going to be backed, I believe, by commitment to the cause. The conference can depend on us to carry-on the baton," ended the first elder.

Annette Cunningham, one of the foundation members of the newly organized church expressed her joy and motivation to carry forward the mission.

"'It brings me great joy, to know that the Lord has brought us thus far," said Cunningham. "Seeing this day, I am quite sure that this will give us a greater urge [to do evangelism]. We have wonderful people here to work with; [they are] committed. So, with this milestone, we are quite sure we are going to take up the task even greater."
She further appealed to the group to not just enjoy the recognition as a church, but to fulfill their role as witnesses for Christ. 

The Grace Hill Company was established in 2011 by the influence and work of the Tucker Church under the leadership of Pastor Charles Brevitt. Subsequently Pastors, Hameen Carter, Egnal Grant and now Evrette Taylor have given ministerial leadership to the congregation. 

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