West Jamaica Conference Master Guide Association Hosts Environmental Camp

  •   Katia Davis
  •  Friday, May 27, 2022


The West Jamaica Conference Master Guide Association (WJCMGA) hosted the annual Environmental Camp in Williamsfield, Westmoreland, on the weekend of May 20-22, 2022.  After a 2-year hiatus Master Guides in Training (MITs) and Master Guides (MGs) eagerly made the trek to the campsite to experience communion with nature.
Under the leadership of MG Jevon Smith and the team, campers were treated to a weekend focused on the theme “Bent but not Broken: I Will Go”.  The MITs led out in the Sabbath morning programme providing inspiring messages with powerful object lessons, “bend like a straw”. During the afternoon’s program, the group of over 50 campers sought to fulfill the aim of spreading “the Advent message to all the world” by marching through the community and distributing magazines. Campers also prayed with community members and invited them to visit the church in the community.

The training aspect of this year’s programme provided opportunities to learn from nature and develop survival skills.  MITs focused on learning about Insects, Environmental Conservation, Camping Skills, Fire Building and Camp Cookery.  The MGs were not left and focused on learning about Seeds and Disaster Response.  They eagerly demonstrated their Lashing skills.
The weekend ended with the ever-challenging and thrilling river trail hike.  “Absolutely amazing! I’m happy I came!” echoed one MIT.  
Another recounted her phobia of water and inability to swim, “I cried, seriously cried. But I did it. They cheered me on, and I would do it again”.  
Another expressed, “I was spiritually recharged, physically challenged and mentally rejuvenated.  This is a wonderful programme, and more people need to be aware of it.  This is my first time, and I can’t wait to experience WOLF camp in October.”


With lasting friendships formed, rekindled bonds, revived and new skills, campers were charged to provide leadership to the youths of WJC.  The challenge was given to find those who are missing from the church and the MG programme and invite them back.  President Smith remarked, “it was a great experience, and I am happy we were able to host camp this year”

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