WJC Transforming Lives Foundation Makes Donation to Learning Centre

  •   Shadeka Haye-Campbell
  •  Friday, November 12, 2021


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Ministerial Intern, Rushane Walker (left); Elder Lynmore Munroe (second from the left), and Cordelia Cunningham presented well needed items to Marcia Allen (Centre), Principal of the The ABC Learning Centre. The donation was made on October 21, 2021 courtesy of the WJC Transforming Lives Foundation. | PHOTO CREDITS:  Contributed

Students and staff at the ABC Learning Centre in Green Island, Hanover, were happy recipients of paper towels, toilet paper and hand sanitizers on October 21, 2021, courtesy of The WJC Transforming Lives Foundation. Thursday’s distribution was part of the Foundation’s overall plan to assist those affected by Covid 19.

The presentation was made by Lynmore Munroe and Dalia Cunningham, members of the Foundation. In his address, Elder Munroe stated that although the Foundation experienced challenges due to Covid-19, the mandate to help those in the WJC territory was still the main focus.

“The foundation was established by WJC to provide assistance to individuals and groups in the parishes served by WJC. Our activities were curtailed by the pandemic and we are unable to achieve all that we set out to do this year. Despite the challenges, God has been good to us and has enabled us to share with members of our community.
Although we are a Seventh-day Adventist, organization, we cater to the needs of the community at large. Today's gift demonstrates that in giving we have no boundaries”, Munroe ended.

Cordelia Cunningham then went on to emphasize the importance of giving back to those in need.

“We have to try and reach out because everybody is struggling. It doesn't matter how small. They will appreciate the little you can give. It can’t be too little or too much. We should give to those we can and God will continue to provide for us”, said Cunningham.

Ministerial Intern, Rushane Walker who was also present for the handover said
“We should take time to look out for each other during this pandemic because anything that affects the people in our surroundings may very well affect us; looking out for others means looking out for ourselves”

The ABC Learning Centre has been closed since March of 2020 and recently reopened to facilitate face-to-face classes. The school currently has 38 enrolled students and 3 teachers (including the principal) on staff. Principal of the school, Ms. Marcia Allen, explained that the school has been reeling from the effects of Covid 19 and expressed gratitude on behalf of her staff and students for the donated items.

“We recently reopened our doors and it has been difficult to purchase supplies for extra cleaning. We are extremely grateful for the donation as it will last for a few weeks and help us to fill the gap we had before”, she said.

“The items we received will last for a few weeks so now we can repurpose funds to buy other well-needed items”, the principal ended.

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