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Associate Children's & Women's Ministries Director, Administrative Assistant - Treasury

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Marion Barrett is the second of nine children born to Hector and Dorrett Barrett in Sunderland, St. James where she also grew up. Her early schooling took her to the Sunderland and Springfield All Age Schools and the Montego Bay High School. She holds a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor’s degree (honors) from West Indies College (now Northern Caribbean University).

Her exposure to the world of work includes Accountant at Harrison Memorial High School and KPMG Peat Marwick - both in Montego Bay. She resigned her job at Peat Marwick to answer the call to rejoin denominational work as an Accountant to the Andrews Memorial Hospital in Kingston. She rose to the position of Chief Accountant and after eight years was called to West Indies Union in Mandeville as an Accountant. After two years, in that position she was appointed Treasurer of North Jamaica Mission where she served for nearly three years before answering the Macedonian call, to join the team of administrators of West Jamaica Conference as Treasurer in October 2006.

On Sabbath, November 23, 2013, she said “I do” to Courtney Popkin in a never-to-be-forgotten wedding ceremony witnessed by hundreds of people. They continue to enjoy the partnership.

Her work philosophy can be summed up thus: In accepting to work for an individual or institution, one accepts the privileges and responsibilities of the position. Therefore the best effort must be put into doing the job CONSCIENTIOUSLY never forgetting that there is NO INDISPENSABLE man or woman. In the spiritual realm she believes that every human being is a potential candidate for heaven. As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, her business is to help as many as possible to recognize and achieve that ultimate potential.

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