Over 550 Campers Gathered for WESCONYOUCA 2022

  •   Shadeka Haye-Campbell
  •  Friday, August 5, 2022

Approximately 550 campers from across the West Jamaica Conference territory converged at Camp Braham in Treasure Beach St. Elizabeth to participate in the vibrant tradition of summer camp. The week-long event dubbed WESCONYOUCA 2022, took place at Camp Braham in Treasure Beach St. Elizabeth from July 19-26, 2022. As a result of Covid 19, last year’s camp was held online to the dismay of many campers. This year's theme: “Bent But Not Broken” , signaled a renewal of fellowship, fun and spiritual enrichment like never before.

Several of the more than 550 youth who were in attendance confessed that their experience surpassed their expectations. Among them was a new convert and first-time camper who testified of its impact.

“My first time at camp was amazing. From meeting persons, participating in the activities to helping people setting up their tents, the entire experience gave me a sense of belonging", he said.
"I felt closer to God and to my Adventist family and I left knowing that no matter what I am going through, God has my back", the first-timer said.

According to Pastor Jermaine Bailey, Youth Ministries Director of West Jamaica Conference, credited WESCONYOUCA's success to team members and youth leaders across the conference.

"This year's camp was indeed a success and we truly want to thank God for an amazing camping experience. Thanks to our Area Coordinators, Parish presidents, Federation officers and the team of youth advisors for the effort put in to make it a success."

He continued, “It was a summer camp with a difference and we truly appreciate the efforts of the campers who were ready and willing to extend a helping hand whenever it's needed."

The philosophy of camp encourages holistic growth and consolidation.
Outside of the spiritual offering, all camp goers were engaged in activities including sports day, drill and March and art and crafts and honours classes.

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