Roehampton AY Federation Hosts Inaugural Career Fair

  •   Pastor France Chambers
  •  Friday, July 22, 2022

Young people from across the Normandy Community and adjoining areas benefited from the inaugural Careers Fair put on by the Roehampton AY Federation on Sunday, July 18, 2022 at the Normandy Church Grounds.

Patrons of the event were exposed to various educational and entrepreneurial institutions. According to Tiana Stevens, one of the young attendees, the initiative has broadened her perspective and brought her closer to new academic frontiers.

“It has opened my eyes to a wider future,” said the high school graduate. “I got to speak with my [prospective] college [representative]. It is one of the nicest things that the community has ever put on,” she added.

Kuwayne Waite, the District AY Federation president, was pleased with the outcome of the initiative and noted that this is the start of just one of the many initiatives of this nature. The Federation intends to implement these programmes to respond to the social issues affecting the community.

“I am elated to have had this initiative, the first of its kind [in the District],” Waite said. “We are mission-driven, so we don’t just cater to the spiritual aspect of the community, but we look to cater to their social and professional lives,” he continued.

Waite also took the opportunity to mention a special 5K run/walk that is scheduled for Jul 31, 2022.

According to Pastor Aundries Malcolm, the AY Federation did a “needs assessment' and through that...recognized that young people had a challenge when they transition from high school to tertiary institutions. So, we are trying to facilitate that gap…..and have brought the various institutions to assist with that process,” he ended.

The entities representative on the day were Northern Caribbean University, The University of the West Indies (Open Campus), Montego Bay Community College, The Ministry of Justice and Rural Agricultural Development Authority (Rada).

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