The Ministerial Department of West Jamaica Conference exists to ennoble, affirm, and support the Pastors in fulfilling their ministerial functions, and the elders in carrying out their leadership responsibilities in the local church. Consequently, we recognize the importance of the united efforts of the local church in the fulfilment of Christ’s commission and to realize the mission to glorify God by proclaiming the everlasting gospel, meeting human needs, and discipling every believer in West Jamaica Conference. The Department thus assists the pastors, elders, leaders, and the diaconate in fulfilling this task. Therefore, they are served in the areas of Evangelism and Discipleship, Pastoral Leadership, Continuing Education, Internship, Retirees Connection, Pastoral Spousal support, PK’s Support, Local Elders Training and Development, and Deacons and Deaconesses Training and Development. They are further served through the following areas:

  1. Proclamation. Keeping the pastors ever conscious that their first calling is for the proclamation of the Word to the Church and the world, presenting Jesus as Saviour and Lord to all people regardless of race, gender, nationality, tribe, or economic status, and training and empowering our elders, leaders and members of the diaconate to do the same.
  2. Personal Growth. Encouraging pastors and elders in their personal growth, fostering a vibrant relationship with God that yield a strong sense of self-worth and pastoral mission.
  3. Professional Growth. Promoting the professional growth of pastors in the study and practice of ministry, representing their interests at the local conference, and enhancing the image of the pastoral ministry in order to attract qualified persons and keep them in its ranks. Training seminars will be continued so that the pastors, elders, leaders, and diaconate can be more fully furnished to carry forward the mission of the Church. These training seminars will allow the opportunity for elders, leaders and the diaconate to be more fully furnished to carry out the duties of leadership in the local church.
  4. Church Growth. Enabling pastors and elders to nurture their congregations so they may be centres of loving concern, dynamic evangelism, and the presence of the living Lord.


Photo of Vencot Dyer

Vencot Dyer

Ministerial Secretary

Photo of Anna Kay Williams

Anna Kay Williams

Administrative Staff


Email Address: ministerial@westjamaica.org

Telephone: 1 (876) 656-7800 Extensions: 4545 and/or 4546